The ARC team includes the best quantitative research analysts in Afghanistan, achieving global standards by adopting the most modern methodologies and proprietary data engines.

ARC’s measurements and analyses are objective, quantitative and statistically valid. We understand the value of black and white numbers, and the importance of hard data as part of a solid research mix.

Our scientific approach, based on academic training and real-world experience, ensures our clients that our sample sizes are tatistically valid, and that our polling procedures are fool-proof.

Our statisticians use formulas to determine how large a sample size will be needed from a given population in order to achieve findings with an acceptable degree of accuracy. We seek sample sizes which will yield findings with at least a 95% confidence level and a plus/minus 5 percentage points margin of error. Upon client request, we can design survey samples to produce even smaller margins of error.

Survey sample and structure designs, survey question writing and testing, criteria for selecting appropriate methods and technologies for collecting information from various kinds of survey respondents, survey administration and statistical analysis and reporting are all services provided by ARC, often in tandem with our Qualitative Research services – creating full solutions for our clients.