Field Work

ARC’s over 1000 experienced field researchers are able to work in all 34 provinces in Afghanistan. They are able to conduct paper based interviews, which are then entered into our database which is centrally accessible and then used by our analysts for their review and reporting.

ARC prides itself on diversity – our researchers are male and female, come from many different backgrounds, and speak many different languages. They are trained in our methodologies and importantly are also trained in cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The quality of their product is outstanding, and provides clients with rich, reliable information complete and on point.

Our field teams are guided and supported by professional managers, who in turn receive clear direction from our senior Qualitative Researchers. The lines of communication are excellent, with online services, conference calls, regular reporting after each day of interviewing and focus groups. Clients are apprised of progress and allowed to help us recast interview protocol and focus group strategy midway into large research projects as appropriation order to get the best possible results and insights.