ARC provides desk research services that tap our internal sources, our our clients’ internal sources – as well as leveraging the external market data and news services we subscribe to.

Internal Desk Research

This is often the most efficient starting point especially for new research projects. Information is gathered and organized, then synthesized into understandable and actionable reports. With our client’s permission, we can collect and analyze internally generated data, including historical performance metrics, account related information, product information, geographical information and more.

Our Internal Desk research also enables our clients to benefit from the deep store of market statistics, news and trends that are not proprietary/confidential to other clients.

External Desk Research

External Desk Research involves research done outside our client’s and ARC’s organizational boundaries to collect relevant information from the Internet, including government and academic free information, and paid-for data and research from credible third-parties.

ARC’s value-add is its experience and unique searching techniques that allow us to deliver high quality and useable results. Our researchers understand the business context and importance of finding all valid sources and ensuring the reliability of all sources, while following strict guidelines tha also allow for time-efficient research processes.

For both Internal and External Desk Research – which can be combined in many cases – ARC’s greatest benefit is our ability to synthesize and summarize large amounts of information, and provide analysis and recommendations that are relevant and actionable to our clients.