ARC’s core strength is in the analysis of the information we gather. Without analysis, data is less meaningful and actionable.
Our national and global analysts have decades of experience in the industries we support, and understand the context within which analysis of the data must occur. Our analysts also spend time with our clients to fully understand their need and why is the research being conducted, to support which business initiatives, and how thoughtful, strategic analysis can help them make better decisions.

Our analytical process makes sense and meaning of the data gathered in Quantitative and Qualitative Research, followed by emergent knowledge applied to our clients’ brief. This data often takes the form of records of group discussions and interviews, but is not limited to this. Through processes of revisiting and immersion in the data, and through complex activities of structuring, re-framing or otherwise exploring it, our analyst find patterns and insights relevant to the key research issues and uses these to provide credible, intelligent detailed to high level recommendations.