Who We Are?

Afghan Research Center, licensed by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the largest full-service research center in Afghanistan with a variety of research operations in different areas of market, media and opinion providing both qualitative and quantitative research capabilities and expertise with a powerful research network including over 1000 experienced, professional, multi-ethnic and gender-balanced interviewers, field supervisors, monitoring agents, coders and data entry operators spanning urban and rural areas in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

We provide the highest quality research information based on an in-depth understanding of Afghanistan political, cultural, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal facts and trends, developed by our experts across the project life-cycle. Our local, national and global knowledge is particularly valuable in challenging environments including insurgent-led areas across Afghanistan where extensive illiteracy, hostility to research, and strict cultural restrictions on access to households has made it nearly impossible to understand demographics and trends historically.

We listen to our clients and customize our approaches to meet clients’ needs with advanced methodologies and technologies along with the professionalism in the research field in collection and analysis of data and offering actionable insights and recommendations which allows us to realize our clients business objectives and add value to their decision making and investment processes